Sustainability Code

Our vision and mission for a green business

Five Missions

This is how we will achieve our goals


1. Climate protection & sustainability at ROSE sites

At ROSE Bikes, we take climate protection seriously and work actively to reduce our CO2 emissions. Since 2018, our corporate footprint has been calculated with Climate Partner and concrete reduction measures are being developed. This year, we want to focus on reduction measures in logistics and on employee mobility. We are also taking other actions towards "climate protection”, such as adding insect-friendly green areas to our outdoor facilities.

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2. Sustainable mobility

Limited resources, increased emissions and space problems in cities make the transformation of today's mobility system absolutely necessary. ROSE is committed to pushing forward the mobility revolution in Germany. With our products and projects, we are doing our part to help people access sustainable transportation options. Through a close collaboration with cities, citizens and companies, we want to optimise the mobility system and make the bicycle the number one means of commuting across short distances.

Return avoidance

The best return doesn’t happen at all  
We help you make the right purchase decision.

Even before you buy, you get the most accurate impression of our products: The better informed you are, the less likely you have to return something. Take advantage of our detailed views and information on spare parts, sizes for clothing and shoes as well as our service offers. It is equally important that the goods arrive undamaged and that you receive help quickly if you have any questions or problems. All this not only means a good buying experience and satisfied customers, it also helps us to save resources, avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions and thus have a positive impact on our planet.   


Helpful links to assist you with your purchase decision:  

Size charts for clothing, shoes and tyres 

Tips on how to find the right frame size


Finding the right road bike saddle 

MTB suspension forks – info & tips before buying

Gravel Guide


Responsible returns management –  
this is our process  

We always have at least eight full-time employees available to inspect our returns. Goods that are completely flawless are booked directly back into our warehouse. As soon as goods processing is necessary (e.g. cleaning, repackaging), the goods are separated, processed and then stored. Goods, that have visual defects but are technically flawless are sold as B-stock via the webshop. This allows us to return 99 per cent of returns to the cycle.  

In addition to continuously improving our product descriptions, we also take into account your reasons for returning items. This enables us to react even better and more efficiently . If you have further ideas or suggestions for improving and avoiding returns, please contact us.

Returns Register

One of our guiding principles is to ensure that the life cycle of a product is as long as possible. This also includes responsible handling of returned products, which in quite a few other companies are disposed of for the sake of simplicity.

We are certified

Here at ROSE Bikes, we have taken the following measures:

  • We guide our customers to the desired product by providing precise information on size, colour, fit and form, as well as illustrations and instructions.
  • We are committed to avoiding returns, waste, and disposal of goods.
  • We ask about the reasons for returns in order to constantly improve our offers and services.
  • We take every opportunity to prepare returned items for resale.
  • We offer reasonable warranties and repair services that extend beyond statutory periods.
  • Donations are passed on to employees and associations, provided the products do not have any safety-relevant defects.
  • All our returns are processed domestically to counteract exploitation in low-wage countries.
  • Find out more about the "Save Our Returns"-seal here (german):

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3. Resource efficiency in logistics

In addition to using recycled packaging, we aim to use as little plastic as necessary without compromising the quality of our products. With the returns seal, we demonstrate our responsible approach to returns, according to the motto: “The best return doesn’t happen at all.” Plus, we are currently examining the use of reusable packaging and using cardboard boxes more than once.

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4. Transparency in products, supply chain and cycling industry

Bottlenecks and the complexity of global supply chains, scarcity of resources and lack of uniform standards also pose many challenges for ROSE. We are taking our responsibility within the bicycle industry seriously and working together to improve environmental and social standards. The goals for this year include a more transparent supply chain and closer collaboration with our suppliers. Other measures include switching to more sustainable materials for ROSE clothing and determining the CO2 emissions for individual bicycle models.

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5. Engagement in the bicycle industry

Many changes in the bicycle industry can only happen in cooperation with different actors. ROSE is involved in various initiatives and cooperates with local and national partners to initiate transformations across the bicycle industry.

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