Functional clothes for cyclists, swimmers and triathletes

Clothing & Bike Accessories

Functional clothes for cyclists, swimmers and triathletes – this is what the sportswear company 2XU focuses on. The Australian brand sets new standards for functional sports clothes by using high-end technologies and material combinations. 2XU offers functional triathlon clothes and accessories for men and women. The individual products can be used in winter and summer. The COMPRESSION sportswear has been developed to improve the performances of demanding and professional athletes like cyclists, runners or swimmers.

The philosophy of 2XU is to develop sportswear that supports the athlete’s performance as good as possible or even improves it. 2XU uses high-tech fibres and new manufacturing technologies and combines them with an intelligent design. The 2XU COMPRESSION line is particularly popular among athletes who are looking for compression clothes. The individual, tops, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, bib tights, shorts, sports bras, calf sleeves, compression calf sleeves or socks as well as neoprene suits and triathlon trousers are designed to offer breathability and thermoregulation. The tight-fitting cycling and triathlon compression clothes ensure a better blood circulation, while also having a positive effect on the athlete’s responsiveness.

2XU clothes – the right cycle clothes for every kind of use
The most important thing on long and exhausting rides is to have functional cycle clothes with which you can comfortably sit on the saddle. Triathlon clothes need to be perfectly suitable for use in water and on land. 2XU offers triathlon suits, tops and shorts that offer especially good breathability and flexibility and thus perfectly enhance your performance while cycling or running. With technologies like ICE X and 70D COMPRESSION, materials like SBR Skin, Sensor Mesh and Kinetic Speed and the 2XU seat pads, the focus is clearly on high comfort and functionality. Athletes can choose between 2XU products for long and short distances, depending on the intended field of use.

2XU CYCLE – enjoy cycling
With a modern design and the use of new technologies and materials, Cycle 2XU helps cyclists to show their full performance. Lycra fibres even offer hold and stability in extreme conditions. Ergonomic seat pads that were especially developed by 2XU ensure great comfort and support.