a bicycle tube with two ends

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Bicycle tube changing made as simple as possible
The company GAADI from Mönchengladbach, Germany, promises a fast, simple and proper change of bicycle inner tubes. For this, GAADI has developed the Bicycle Tube, an especially functional inner tube with two ends. The special feature: The bicycle tube can be changed in just a few minutes without the need to remove the rear wheel or the chain case: Instead, you can take the old tube out of the tyre with just a few movements, place the GAADI tube into the tyre, pump it up and ride off. The GAADI Bicycle Tube especially facilitates the change in case of complex shifting, braking or drive systems. 

Bicycle inner tubes 28" /700 C 
The GAADI Bicycle tube consists of a high-quality butyl-rubber compound and is available for wheel sizes of 28''/700 C. It is available with Dunlop, Schrader or Presta valve. In order to make the insertion of the GAADI Bicycle Tube into the tyre as easy and convenient as possible, the valve is located in the first third of the tube length. In this way, the short side of the GAADI tube can be placed directly on the valve before inserting the complete tube step by step.