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Bicycle tyres are generally designed for specific road conditions. The tyre manufacturer Schwalbe focuses on dynamic and modern development and provides high-quality bicycle tyres and bicycle inner tubes for cycle sport. Road and mountain bike components by Schwalbe are known for their high quality, which is thanks to a variety of factors. First of all, there’s their technical know-how and a great love of detail with regards to design. This results in high-quality, high-performance bicycle components such as tyres and inner tubes for mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and road bikes.  

Bike components by Schwalbe – High-quality tyres and tubes  
Bicycle components like the tubular Ultremo tyres are handmade by experienced Schwalbe employees the Italian way, using high-end technology. This way, the manufacturer achieves good traction on corners and downhill sections without compromising on speed. Grip and smooth running can help cycling pros in extreme situations and allow for top-class results in cycle races. Tubular tyres are designed for competitions, which is why they offer reduced rolling resistance and increased mileage.  

Bicycle tyres by Schwalbe – High-end tyres for cycling  
The Schwalbe brand is a branch of Bohle, a company founded in Germany in 1922. Schwalbe is one of Europe’s leading bicycle tyre brands and exports their products worldwide. Moreover, the Schwalbe brand has made a name for itself with the production of wheelchair tyres. By having specialised in the production of bicycle tyres, Schwalbe manages to offer high-quality cycling products for every type of cycling – whether touring, road cycling or mountain biking. Their tyres impress with good rolling resistance, high durability, high puncture resistance and, last but not least, with creative names.